Taking the Fight

Documentary Feature

USA, 75 Minutes
Director Carlos Arrieta
Producer Carlos Arrieta
Editor Carlos Pita
Composer Nicolas Arrieta
Cast Stuart Warren Dansby, Stella Vidal Dansby, Greg Choplin, Manolo Lopez, Diego de Vera

Discover the incredible journey of Stuart Warren Dansby, a 56-year-old who enters the kickboxing ring for the first time to battle against a 26-year-old opponent. Follow his gripping seven-year journey as he faces life-changing injuries and battles men decades younger than him in his quest for a championship.

But this is not just a story of fighting. It's a story of love - the love for a sport, a team, and a dream. Using fighting as a metaphor, the documentary delivers a universal message of overcoming perceived obstacles, doubts, and fears. By putting the energy and passion of your dreams out into the world, you can attract the love, resources, and people that will help you become the champion of your own life.

This inspiring saga showcases the commitment, passion, and positivity that are essential to success, especially when the odds are stacked against you. Watch the film and discover the truth that we all have a fight. This is one person's dream, and one team's story - a story that resonates with every person's journey.

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