Save State

Narrative Feature

USA, 86 Minutes
Director Scott Sawitz
Producers Mike Noyes, Oscar Moreno, Michael Droberg
Screenwriter Scott Sawitz
Cast Jessie Carl, Gabe Fries, Ilya Gaidarov, Nickie Kruszyinski

"Save State" the badass love child of "Clerks" and "Source Code" that got to spend the day with their cool uncle "Groundhog Day."

It's all about the fallout of the end of Chris (Gabriel Fries) and Veronica's (Jessie Ann Carl) decade long relationship. After years of growing apart, Veronica walks away from their relationship for a new job, and a new life, in San Francisco. Wanting a moment of closure, she walks back into their rented townhouse to return her keys and try to have an amicable goodbye. Her best friend Stephanie (Nickie Kruszinski) urges her to just forget about him and begin their epic road trip across the country. Veronica thinks she knows better and a simple attempt at closure turns into another fight.

*** A year later, Chris is still stuck on her. She’s the love of his life, or so he thinks. His best friend Daniel (Ilya Gaidarov) has an idea that captures Chris’s fancy: a time displacement device. Able to go back to a specific moment in time for ten minutes or less, Daniel designed it so he could go back and say goodbye to his father.

Focused on the moment she walked out of his life for good, Chris tries out Daniel’s time machine to see if it’ll work. When it does, he selfishly decides to go back to try and stop her from leaving him. When it fails, he’s left with one goal: keep trying until it works. As his attempts mount up, and the changes in the timestream go from small to large, Chris will keep trying to get what he wants by going back to that moment. But is it what he needs?

Lake County: Director Scott Sawitz lives in Grayslake