Honor Student

Narrative Feature

United States, 82 Minutes
Director Tamika Miller
Producers Tamika Miller, Joanna Shaw, Sophia Solomon
Screenwriters Joe Rechtman, Tamika Miller
Executive Producers Mandy Olsen Cogman, Priscilla Cohen, Alisa Dennis, Jesse Dylan, Kelly Jenrette, Sun Komen, Adrianne McCurrach, Danielle Peretz, Hudson Yang
Cinematographer Joshua Pausanos
Music By Claude Foisy
Composer Claude Foisy
Cast Kelly Jenrette, Hudson Yang, Tariq Brown, Angela E. Gibbs, Chase Liefeld, Amari McCoy, Olivia Simmons, Kelvin Han Yee

HONOR STUDENT is an award-winning provocative thriller about Jeremy Chue - a picture-perfect teenager. He is talented, has the perfect grades, a well-off family, and attends a prestigious Washington, D.C. private school. At least that is how he appears. After losing his twin brother in a mass shooting, Jeremy takes matters into his own hands, holds a teacher hostage and proves America a lesson it will never forget.

Festivals & Awards

Martha's Vineyard African-American Film Festival - Best Feature Film
Harlem International Film Festival - Best Director
Los Angeles IFS Film Festival - Best Actress
St. Louis International Film Festival

Student of the Game

Documentary Short

United States, 10 Minutes