Narrative Feature

United States, 93 Minutes
Director Alexandra Spieth
Producers Natasha Soto-Albors, Alexandra Spieth, Asia Gagnon, Robert and Susan Spieth, Jefferson White, Bobby Liga
Screenwriter Alexandra Spieth
Executive Producers Alexandra Spieth, Robert and Susan Spieth, Jefferson White
Cinematographer Caroline Mariko Stucky
Music By Adam Kromelow and Dan Rufolo
Composer Adam Kromelow and Dan Rufolo
Cast Mary Glen Fredrick, Elizabeth Ramos, Safiya Harris, Katie Wieland, Stephanie Hogan, Liana Hunt, Daniel Boyd, Matt Foley, Bobby Liga, Thomas Constatine Moore, Katherine Nevils, and Lillian Herrick

Stag" is the story of an urban loner, Jenny, who must fight for a chance at redemption after she’s invited to her estranged BFF’s bachelorette party. "Stag" is a female-friendship saga that asks the question, “Can you overcome the past?” The filmic quality is luridly akin to “It Follows", while the dialogue is similar to the modern banter in "Cabin in the Woods". The film examines themes of loss, gaslighting, and betrayal. My film is for women of all ages, and especially college and high school students. It’s for the girl I was then, and the woman I am now.

“Stag” is an absolutely female film. It’s written and directed by a female filmmaker. The camera and lighting departments are fully comprised of women. Six of the seven principal characters are played by women, and each bachelorette in the bridal" party is specific and hyper-individual.

Festivals & Awards

Brooklyn Film Festival
Portland Horror Film Festival - Winner: Best "Thrills and Chills" Feature
Soho International Film Festival: Winner: Audience Choice Award
Atlanta Horror Film Festival- Winner: Best Horror-Comedy Feature
Renegade Film Festival - Winner: Best Feature Film Director, Best Performance in a Feature Film

Neon Rage

Narrative Short

USA, 13 Minutes