Happy Birthday Charlie

Narrative Feature

USA, 91 Minutes
Director Nina Martinek
Producers Nina Martinek, Michael Manesseri, Alice Austen, Boris Frumin, Sergey Shtern, Val Abel
Screenwriters Nina Martinek, Boris Frumin
Executive Producers Sandriel Gentzel, Kyle Scott
Cinematographer Bino Marsetti
Music By
Composer Daniel Schnyder
Cast Katelin Stack, Azure Martinek, Chris Galust, Justin Brabham

June is a single mother and a nurse who is struggling to make ends meet. She juggles her job, parenting, an unreliable car and partner - and a growing dependency on opiates.

When June is caught stealing prescription medication from the hospital where she works, she is fired and faces arrest. June needs to escape, so she takes her reluctant teen daughter, Charlie, and they go on the run. On the road, June and Charlie encounter a variety of people and challenges that divide them.

They wind up separately in a small town that offers hope and a safe haven - but where nothing is what it seems. On Charlie's 16th birthday, June and Charlie reunite and find a strange and unexpected happiness.