Trapped Balloon

Narrative Feature

Japan, 103 Minutes
Director Hiroyuki Miyagawa
Producer Yuki Okuno
Screenwriter Hiroyuki Miyagawa
Cast Masahiro Higashide, Toko Miura

Rinko, (Toko Miura, Drive My Car) who has been estranged from her ailing father since her mother died, decides to visit him on the island where he lives and ask his advice about an impending career decision. During her visit, she becomes suspicious of a reclusive young fisherman named Kenji, who lives in her father's neighborhood, and brings him freshly caught fish without explanation. What would usually be a set-up for a blossoming romance between the two young leads instead turns into something much more poignant under the hand of writer/director Miyagawa and his spectacular cast.

In Japanese, with subtitles.

Alumni: Terrolun And Lunlun (LCFF2019)

Festivals & Awards

Stony Brook Film Festival
RiverRun Film Festival - Winner: Best Narrative Feature

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